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Torticollis: What is it?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Does your baby have that cute head tilt but seems to maintain that position when placed on their back? Does your child get upset when placed on their belly or their head position is changed? Do they struggle feeding on one side? Some babies are born with or develop in the first couple of months a condition called torticollis. This means wry neck and is due to tightness of muscles in the neck.

Physical Therapy will help alleviate the tightness in your baby’s neck and reach his or her milestones. If left untreated a child with torticollis can have long-term complications.

Did you know that twins are more susceptible to torticollis due to their tight living quarters in utero?

Our Physical Therapist Assistant, Lindsey Farrell has been helping these sweet boys over the last two months to straighten out their little necks. Notice in the pictures below from months 1-3 the difference in their neck. The typical treatment time for torticollis is until the child has met his or her developmental milestones through walking.

HLC Therapy Group, LLC is a pediatric therapy provider offering speech, occupational, and physical therapy services in McHenry County and surrounding areas located in Lake in the Hills, IL.

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