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About HLC Therapy Group, LLC

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I have been asked a lot "why HLC?" Why would I pick that as the name of our company over something that is a little more straight forward in the therapy world? That answer is both simple and complex. 


The simple version: It is my kid’s initials: Henry, Liam, Caroline. They keep my magical thinking active to connect with the kids I treat and they are also my constant reminders of the demands on a mom. 


The long version: Read on... 


Henry is hope. I discovered I was pregnant with Henry shortly after a miscarriage that devastated my husband and I with heartache. Henry turned our attention inward again; back to our family. He has been healing us with the life and joy he puts forth each day. Hope is what keeps us moving forward at HLC. 


Caroline is connection. She reaches everyone. She has a way of showing care and acceptance to all- and she has the charisma to draw people in and stay connected.  Connecting with kids and their families is what makes us good at what we do at HLC. It is what sets us apart.


Liam is laughter. While the obvious choice for our oldest boy may be love, Liam inspires me with laughter. Watching him grow into the funny and witty young guy that he is now brings me incredible joy. Laughter is what makes what we do fun. We all need it. It truly is the best and most contagious remedy. 


So when I am asked, "why HLC?” the answer is this- Henry, Liam and Caroline remind me daily to serve you all with Hope, Connection, and Laughter. 



With love,

Christine Sumara, SLP

We are proud to serve the McHenry and Kane County area with all of your pediatric speech therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, and pediatric physical therapy needs.


Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today and we will walk you through the steps toward building a personalized plan for your child.

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