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Aquatic Therapy

When HLC opened its doors we made a promise to our community that we would always provide services and resources based on the needs we see around us. Additionally, HLC therapists are passionate about developing individualized programming to promote water safety and awareness in our neurodiverse population.

Aquatic Therapy @ HLC Therapy Group

Aquatic Therapy is done by our physical therapy and occupational therapy practitioners. Water can provide an environment that supports sensory differences through regulating vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile input. ​When pairing Aquatic Therapy sessions with speech therapy co-treats, children are able to work in a more regulated state toward their speech therapy goals, making progress faster. Water is also a wonderful environment to more effectively work on motor skill development: increasing strength and endurance, improving bilateral coordination, improving motor planning, and improving muscle control in a gravity reduced and regulating setting.

boy in pool
speech in pool
speech in pool
speech and OT in pool
boy in pool
reading in pool
boy floating
therapy in the pool
boy laughing in the pool
girl in pool
girl kicking in pool
girl floating in pool
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physical therapy in pool
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