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Rainy Day Sensory Activities

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Searching for engaging sensory activities on a rainy day?

Here are two to try out brought to you by Cheryl and Stephanie, two of our HLC COTAs!

1. Have your child help squeeze primary paint colors into large zipper bag. Add cotton balls, beads, buttons, table confetti, googly eyes, etc. Zip bag and squish away! Mix paints together and talk about the changes in color you see, drive cars over the bag to make "tracks," push buttons or objects from one side to the other, and more!

2. Using black construction paper, draw shapes with various colored chalk. A great textural experience and a cool picture that pops with vibrant colors!

HLC Therapy Group, LLC is a pediatric therapy provider offering speech, occupational, and physical therapy services in McHenry County and surrounding areas located in Lake in the Hills, IL.

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