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Adding Layers as the Temperature Drops

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Happy fall! While many of us dream of pumpkin spice everything, hoodies, cool nights, and cuddling under blankets, the transition from warmer temps to cooler temps can create some struggles for our littlest friends. Think about it, they have spent the last 4 months living in shorts, flip flops, swimsuits, etc. Now we are telling them to add on the pants, jackets, scarves, and hats. Many younger kids find this feeling to be restricting and difficult to process.

With many of our sensory kiddos, the biggest challenge we face is when we bring on something new without preparation. Season changes are no different. If you know the end goal is in 1 month you expect them to wear a jacket, take appropriate steps now to successfully get them there. Check out these steps to smooth out the power struggles in the morning with regards to getting dressed in weather-appropriate clothing for the fall.

  1. While it's chillier today, it's not freezing. Give your child the option to either wear long pants and short sleeves, or long sleeves and shorts. Starting with the transition to one item and allowing them to be involved will help them feel empowered and part of the decision. In your mind you are ok with either...but they don't know that.

  2. When they get home, ask how their body temperature was. If they say their arms were cold, explain that the next day's weather will be similar and perhaps they should pick out a sweatshirt to keep their arms warmer. If they resist, encourage them to put on in their backpack, just in case.

  3. Give them options to pick from that are acceptable to you.

Just remember, the more you prepare your child and get them involved in the decisions, the smoother transitions will become. If you know your child has historically struggled with wearing jackets, you cannot expect them to all of a sudden wear one on the first cold day. Set them up for success by starting early.

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