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Why HLC is Establishing an Autism Diagnostic Team

I have spent over a decade working with kids in our particular community, and I have observed struggles from so many perspectives with regards to families obtaining Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnoses for their kids. Sharing my viewpoints is being done in an effort to begin problem-solving for our community and with our community. Here is what I have seen, in no particular order, which are just a few of the reasons we are compiling an all-star Autism Diagnostic Team at HLC Therapy Group, LLC:

From the perspective of a very anxious mom

Why is this a problem? Moms deserve empowerment, knowledge, and direction when their Mom-Gut is telling them to seek out help for their child. Our goal is to get that to them as fast as possible. This applies to Dads, too, of course.


From the perspective of a School-Based Speech Pathologist

Why is this a problem? School professionals deserve the freedom to share the resources they believe would benefit a student, even if not educationally relevant. Parents deserve to know about all of the services and resources available to their child, even if not applicable to adverse effects on educational performance. Avoidance of private referrals for ASD diagnostics, therapies, or other needs, means a less thorough picture and understanding of a child from a whole-person perspective.


From the perspective of a Clinical Speech Pathologist

Why is this a problem? Because if we can identify our more complex kids earlier, and thoroughly assess and address their areas of need from a team standpoint, we are capable of accomplishing so much more. A child’s progress excels when we understand them better.


From the perspective of “The System”

There are way too many young children suspected of having Autism at an early age who cannot access ideal services because there are too few developmental pediatricians and neuropsychologists available to make reasonably quick diagnoses. Wait lists are extremely

long, sometimes 18-24 months. While other professionals are eligible to make ASD diagnoses, their diagnoses will not always allow for access to all available and specialized services through a health care plan, like ABA services for example, unless done by a developmental pediatrician or neuropsychologist.

Why is this a problem?

We know Early Intervention is best. Kids are amazingly resilient. When we can help kids shape their brains from a young age, we can help them to connect with self and others in ways that will support them to develop positive relationships and prepare for the demands that will be placed on them as they enter early schooling years.

These barriers need a solution and HLC is determined to be part of that solution. We are proud to announce that HLC Therapy Group, LLC is collaborating with Thomson Memory and Attention to offer families another way to learn about their child’s development and needs. This partnership is designed for families who have questions about their child and autism spectrum disorder.

For more information about our therapeutic autism diagnostic team, please visit us at

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